Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drink Water - Save Your Life!

Drink Water or Die!
I know it sounds pretty morbid but it's true! We would all do well by drinking more water! If you spend anytime in the desert, you will quickly realize the importance of staying hydrated. Now when I say water, I mean any liquid that is not loaded with sugar or other stimulants that you may find in those energy drinks that are readily available these days! All I can say about that is... marketing works! Read more to find out some of the benefits to drinking regular H20.
Let's get one thing straight, energy drinks come with a high and end with a crash! There are much better ways to increase your energy without giving your body the extra sugar that it does NOT need! Here are some of the reasons you should make a habit of drinking more of the liquid gold instead of the fancy high-priced products that end up being more hype than anything else.
Did you Know!
  • Water composes about 75% of your brain?
  • Water makes of about 84% of your blood?
  • Water is crucial for helping to eliminate waste?
  • Water helps to cushion the joints?
  • Water composed 22% of your bones?
Furthermorethis basic life-giving liquid makes up to 75 % of your muscles, helps your body absorb nutrients, and helps convert food to energy! Think about that the next time you find yourself tired or not able to respond quite like you want to! The key to better health and wellness is quite simple really if you just keep it simple! Increase your liquids, and activity, and you will be well on your way to IMPROVING you life for the better!
Okay so I just listed some important reasons you want to get your water up! If you need more proof of its value, you can always find the infogram on my Facebook profile! Oh by the way, I am thankful for those who participated in the question about favorite choices when it comes to hydration! The response way unanimous with... water! You guys are awesome, and thanks to Deana for providing the awesome picture! Keep up the good work my friend!
Now here is your challenge. I challenge you to drink enough water that when you urinate, your urine is either clear or very light in color with no smell. Unless you just ate some asparagus or something. You urine will always smell from that! That is one way to tell if you are hydrated! Did you know that?
Anyway, take the challenge and let me know how you are doing!
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Walk-In Medical Clinic: A Glance at the Concept

If you're the type of person who makes one of two choices with a health problem (the ER or a doctor's appointment), you could be missing out on a good "in-between" choice available in your city. The walk-in medical clinic has become the first stop of choice for many who don't want the hassle and wait that comes along with the ER and certainly don't want to spend two weeks waiting for an appointment with their regular doctor. Of course, everyone is wary of change, especially when it comes to something as important as their health care. Here are some things you should know about these facilities.
The walk-in medical clinic (which will sometimes go under the name "urgent care") functions as a halfway point between the emergency room and a doctor's appointment. They are staffed with doctors and nurses and perfectly adept at handling minor health care problems such as the flu, colds, sprains, and even the occasional broken finger. Go into your local ER with one of these problems and you could be waiting a long time before you get seen by a doctor. Make an appointment, and you could be naturally better (or much, much worse) by the time you are seen. These clinics work as a great middle choice.
What services your local medical clinic will offer will vary based on a number of factors. One, state law will regulate what they are and are not allowed to offer. For instance, the doctors working at such a facility may be fully trained and even equipped to handle a major health emergency, but the state will not permit this to be done. The patient would have to be transported to a hospital (clearly, as an exception, life saving emergency measures could be taken by anyone skilled to do so). Even within those regulations, each facility will have a wide variation when it comes to which services they provide for their patients.
Generally speaking, a medical clinic is going to be much cheaper than a trip to the emergency room or even a doctor's appointment. Along with the convenience of simply being able to walk in and be seen, this is probably one of the major factors behind their explosion in popularity. Make sure you check with your insurance company before you decide which facility to visit, of course, although even paying out-of-pocket will be dramatically cheaper than if you chose to do the same at the ER.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting a Physical Fast

For those that need a physical, it can seem difficult to get one. Your first instinct may be to turn to your family doctor to request an appointment. However, this may take you several days or longer. Many doctor's offices fill up well-visits for weeks in advance. If you need one right away and you do not want to wait for it, turn to area clinics to get one. Some of these locations can have you come in, get it done and be out the door in a matter of minutes. There's no reason to wait or to make an appointment either.
Why You Need It
There are many reasons a physical may be a requirement. For some people, this type of medical exam is necessary to approve the individual's ability to play a sport. This can occur at all levels from small children through adult players. If you are planning to go off to camp, or to send your child off to camp, then you may have to have them go through this type of screening as well. This provides an opportunity to catch any type of problems with the individual before he or she gets to camp. Even some employers require individuals to have these exams to ensure they are fit enough to take on the demands of the job.
What to Expect
If you go in to a clinic to get the exam, the doctor will take a few minutes to gather important information about you. This will include information about your family's medical history including any concerns about health problems. He or she will then give you an exam that looks at various areas of your system. This includes the eyes, ears and reflexes. He or she will listen to your lungs and your heart. You will have your height and weight measured. You will also have an opportunity to talk to your doctor at that time about any type of health concerns you may have.
Most of the time, you will need to bring in a piece of paper from the agency that is requiring the physicals for the doctor to sign. In some cases, the clinic will supply this for you. This demands on whether or not there are specific areas the organization wants to be considered, such as having blood work done.
A physical takes only a few minutes but it may be your gateway to getting the help you need. Do not wait for weeks to get it done but instead get it done right away by turning to a local clinic for the help. That will speed up the process and give you the go ahead for the task you want to do.