Friday, May 4, 2012

8 Procedures Covered Under a First Aid Certificate Class

The Red Cross features classes that will get you ready for different first aid requirements. On the Red Cross website you will find signup sheets for these different classes that will give you specific first aid certificates. The CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED automated external defibrillator training in addition to the first aid certification will meet the needs of school personnel, workplace responders, professional emergency technicians and health care providers. The general public is also highly encouraged to become first aid trained and certified. Becoming first aid certified is very important if:
• Your employer requires this certificates;
• You are the assigned emergency responder at your place of business;
• You feel that you need to be fully prepared for all types of emergencies;
• You coach sports and work with youth;
• You just want to have confidence that you can take care of your family in an emergency situations.
Red Cross training meets OSHA guidelines and all classes include lectures, interactive videos, and hands-on training. This certification includes teaching participants how to recognize and care for cuts and scrapes, burns, sudden illnesses that can involve life threatening problems, neck and back injuries, head trauma and hot and cold temperature emergencies. In addition to this certificates it is also wise to learn and receive CPR certificates. These additional certificates will enable you to learn how to perform CPR and take care of breathing and heart problems until professional help arrives. Some Red Cross first aid certification class also teach AED and how to use these devices in an emergency situation.
This certificates are designed for those who work with scout troops, outdoor enthusiasts and those who work in remote or "away from civilization" environments. Every certificate course teaches how to respond to emergencies when professional help is far away or delayed. The Red Cross first aid certification course for outdoors certificates comes from the Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines manual developed by OSHA and the Boy Scouts of America. Included in this course and the manual are the subjects of:
• Assessment of injuries. Helping you to understand what type of injury you are looking at;
• Spinal Injuries as well as head and neck trauma and how to stabilize the patient;
• Hot and Cold Emergencies dwells on temperature fluctuations and how these fluctuations affect first aid;
• Hypothermia and how to treat extremely low body temperature after water incidents, cold temperatures, and exposure to the elements;
• Altitude Sickness and how to solve breathing problems in higher altitudes;
• Burns and the first aid necessary to keep the patient comfortable;
• Bone fractures and injuries and the best way to splint and stabilize these injuries;
• Wound Care includes how to stop bleeding until help arrives.
These subjects are covered in a 16-hour course and at the end of the course you will have a first aid certificate. This certificate will recognize and fulfill a requirement for Scouting merit badges, employer needs, and can be used by swim instructors, daycare providers, and just for your family's peace of mind.


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