Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drink Water - Save Your Life!

Drink Water or Die!
I know it sounds pretty morbid but it's true! We would all do well by drinking more water! If you spend anytime in the desert, you will quickly realize the importance of staying hydrated. Now when I say water, I mean any liquid that is not loaded with sugar or other stimulants that you may find in those energy drinks that are readily available these days! All I can say about that is... marketing works! Read more to find out some of the benefits to drinking regular H20.
Let's get one thing straight, energy drinks come with a high and end with a crash! There are much better ways to increase your energy without giving your body the extra sugar that it does NOT need! Here are some of the reasons you should make a habit of drinking more of the liquid gold instead of the fancy high-priced products that end up being more hype than anything else.
Did you Know!
  • Water composes about 75% of your brain?
  • Water makes of about 84% of your blood?
  • Water is crucial for helping to eliminate waste?
  • Water helps to cushion the joints?
  • Water composed 22% of your bones?
Furthermorethis basic life-giving liquid makes up to 75 % of your muscles, helps your body absorb nutrients, and helps convert food to energy! Think about that the next time you find yourself tired or not able to respond quite like you want to! The key to better health and wellness is quite simple really if you just keep it simple! Increase your liquids, and activity, and you will be well on your way to IMPROVING you life for the better!
Okay so I just listed some important reasons you want to get your water up! If you need more proof of its value, you can always find the infogram on my Facebook profile! Oh by the way, I am thankful for those who participated in the question about favorite choices when it comes to hydration! The response way unanimous with... water! You guys are awesome, and thanks to Deana for providing the awesome picture! Keep up the good work my friend!
Now here is your challenge. I challenge you to drink enough water that when you urinate, your urine is either clear or very light in color with no smell. Unless you just ate some asparagus or something. You urine will always smell from that! That is one way to tell if you are hydrated! Did you know that?
Anyway, take the challenge and let me know how you are doing!
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